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AMD FireMV 2260 256MB DDR2 PCI Express Graphics Card (2x DisplayPort + DVI-D Adapters)

AMD FireMV 2260 256MB DDR2 PCI Express Graphics Card 2x DisplayPort + DVI-D Adapters

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AMD FireMV 2260 256MB DDR2 PCI Express Graphics Card (2x DisplayPort + DVI-D Adapters)

ATI’s FireMV™ multi-view 2D workstation acceleration cards are designed exclusively for the financial and corporate marketplaces. Offering dual and quad monitor cards based on the PCI and PCI Express bus architecture, FireMV™ products ensure system compatibility and investment protection. Look to the FireMV™ series to realize these core benefits:
User-friendly software
Direct user support
Lower power consumption
Space efficient low profile design
Product longevity
All FireMV™ cards have a 3 year warranty
Maximum Flexibility in a Unique, Compact Design
The FireMV™ series of professional 2D graphics cards boasts innovative low profile dual monitor design which means that all FireMV cards will fit into both Low Profile and Full Height systems. This enables integration into a wide range of machines with a smaller number of cards to qualify. The same applies for the new low profile FireMV™ quad monitor cards - their super space efficient architecture lets you choose even the smallest systems – including docking stations – and still be able to achieve simultaneous output to four displays.
Docking stations from companies like Lenovo offer desktop expansion solutions to notebook configurations through a single PCI slot. Please refer to Lenovo more information.
The FireMV™ design utilizes passive cooling for a higher mean time between failures (MTBF) providing greater reliability. Its inherently lower power consumption helps reduce the overall power load without sacrificing performance—an increasingly important benefit to sites with a large installed user base.
More memory, stability and flexibility
FireMV™ cards feature either 32 MB, 64MB, or 128MB of dedicated on-board memory for each display to enable maximum stability and unparalleled performance (total on-board memory ranges from 64MB to 256MB depending on product configuration). To provide added flexibility, dual and quad FireMV™ cards can be combined to drive even more displays.
ATI offers industry leading support for your FireMV™ products. A dedicated team of front-line technical support professionals is available to serve you. Our support program features toll-free telephone support, a dedicated question and answer group for validation and reproduction of all reported issues, and the help and guidance of a dedicated and experienced IT team.



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